We’ve said it TWICE, but we’ll say it again…

In honor of Throwback Thursday – we’ve said it TWICE, but we’ll say it again…


We just read an article titled “Can you run a successful business without Zillow, Trulia or Realtor.com?” We think that any article that shows both sides of a debate is commendable. We have to understand all sides to an issue. So read both sides. Then hear us out:

C’mon guys (this is our facial expression, below)…OF COURSE you can run a successful business without these syndication portals.


There is so much inaccuracy on these sites, so much time waste-age. Real estate is a people business. You are helping people make HUGE life, family, and money decisions. In some cases we are making people’s dreams come true. They need that one-on-one personal relationship.

The only information the consumer can rely on, and has an identifiable source of accountability by their agent, extracted from the local MLS. Syndication portals are fine for entertainment purposes, but when it comes to real estate decisions, you need to know who you can trust. Results, benefits, outcomes, solutions: this is what the house/property consumer searches for these days; but, is has been fogged over by mis-information. Demonstrating these services- your value- will attract those people ready to make a real estate decision. From that- a stable business is built.


There’s a reason why agents joke around that they are therapists, negotiators, magicians- they have so many roles within their role. So of course your personal touch, your relationships has far more value than syndication portals. The most successful, the richest real estate agents have figured this out years ago.

Always remember that Real Estate transactions occurred before the Internet. Zillow or Realtor.com do not create transactions. It is the listing price of homes that do. Just because a listing is visible on Zillow, does not mean that someone is willing to pay $100,000 more for a property. If the home is priced right, it will sell irregardless of how many syndication portals it is on (or not on).

If a client would rather search for homes on Realtor.com or Zillow, it is because they do not know about the agent’s website, cannot find the agent’s website, or do not like the agent’s website. If you do not want your clients on these websites, then do a better job of connecting with your database and give them a website that provides them what Realtor.com and Zillow provide (but MUCH better)- that is, accessible, accurate* real estate information.


We live in an age of limitless information with clients that require information NOW. If you are not providing them with the information they need, then rest assured that they will continue to search for homes and home values on Zillow.

Top-of-Mind awareness keeps your clients in your database. Triple your outreach, your marketing, and demonstrate your value if you want to regain relationships with your database. Then everyone wins.

Take a free test drive of Seller’s Corner- the way to keep your sellers and contacts away from syndication portals. Remember: Mine, NOT Yours.


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