What effect on technology will California SB 133 have on you?

California recently passed a legislation named SB-133 that seems to have many agents in the state looking for alternative sources in contat management and document hosting.
SB-133, is a landmark legislation that will allow California to lead the country in Title Insurance Marketing reform by creating the first registration program for Title Marketing Representatives in the nation.
With the new law, title companies are no longer allowed to provide much support and services to agents as they did in the past.
As a result, many California agents turned to PropertyMinder for help in hosting their property disclosures on their AccelerAgentTMWebsites.
Agents with PropertyMinder AcelerAgentTM websites can upload the information they intend to disclose and then limit the access to selected users only. The system tracks who downloads the information.
“I believe a feature like this allows PropertyMinder clients who are using our reliable and fully loaded AccelerAgentTM Websites to easily adapt the best practices in confidential information,” said Aric Kazarnovsky, Executive Vice President, PropertyMinder Inc.
The agents who take these steps are not only doing their job with care, but are representing the sellers to the fullest, taking advantage of technology to save time and money, most especially to reduce paperwork.
“When I heard that my title company would no longer be able to host my property disclosure documents, I contacted PropertyMinder to see if they could provide this service, since they have done a great job hosting my personal website. PropertyMinder immediately responded, and in response to my request launched a “Hosting of Disclosure Packages” project with high priority, from which other colleagues may now also take advantage! The fact that they are not charging extra for existing PropertyMinder agents shows how much they value our loyalty as their clients. Now buyers will be able to easily download any documents needed from our listings. PropertyMinder is truly our one stop shop for Internet Marketing needs!” said Gwen Luce, a Coldwell Banker Realtor®.
PropertyMinder’s iMARKETING System successfully blends truly encompassing and highly reliable technology with innovative Internet Marketing.
Since 1999, PropertyMinder has helped more than 30,000 Real Estate agents and brokers adjust to the post Internet reality and take advantage of tremendous opportunities to secure their success in Real Estate.
Our AccelerAgent Websites help agents with little or no technical skills quickly adjust to market changes. With small group classes of ourTechMar Clinic, we teach agents fundamental principals of Web 2.0 marketing, social networking, search engine optimization and more. We also provide our valued customers with ongoing and weekly classes on Internet Marketing and Technology. Agents interested about receiving traffic from Search Engines can inquire about our cost-effective Pay per Click Advertising service.
We invite all our readers to test drive the AccelerAgentTM Virtual Office Websites at www.propertyminder.com. Ask us for a 30-day no risk trial by calling (800) 743-5820 today.

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