What exactly is a Neighborhood Alert?

What exactly is a Neighborhood Alert?


In your PropertyMinder Toolkit:



1. Click on MLS Searches and Select Active, Pending (if you want) and Sold.


2. Next, you can draw a shape on the map that encompasses your client’s neighborhood, or type in their physical address in the “Proximity Search.”


3.Once you click “Save Search” you will be asked to choose the client(s) that you will send the results.


4. After you select the client(s), you can choose the interval in which the results will be sent (We suggest you choose “On Going” because results are sent as soon as new activity occurs.)


5. In order to personalize the message to your homeowner, you may choose to create a custom greeting.


What exactly are the benefits of a Neighborhood Alert?


Each homeowner will have custom marketing sent to their email inbox. The email will contain newly listed homes in their neighborhood and the selling price of any home that has sold in the neighborhood. Since people check their email almost immediately after turning on their computer, it will help keep them from going to other websites to find the same information.


Letting a homeowner know what is happening in their neighborhood is the easiest way to prove your value, keep in contact, and to motivate them to ask the question “I wonder what our home is worth?


Get them to ask this question and you have won.




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