While the turkey is cookin,’ the cranberry sauce simmerin,’ the potatoes boilin’…

Easily set up MLS searches, branded alerts, and updates to your custom pages to ensure clients get relevant information at the right time: when they are celebratory and feasting with family and friends.

Don’t just give thanks to your clients this year. Give them what they want and need.


We’ve compiled a brief Thanksgiving checklist to keep your clients as full and nourished as the turkey you’ll soon be basting:

TO DO: Send a quick greeting.
Text your clients a Happy Thanksgiving message. Something short and to the point.
98% of text messages are viewed. Give yourself the best opportunity to end up as a contact in their phone.


TO DO: Before the big day, bake some repeat business.
Take a breather from cooking and grocery runs:
Set up branded Seller’s Corner alerts for 5 contacts, notifying them of activity around their neighborhood. Give immediate sellers (and past clients) the chance to work with you.


TO DO: Don’t slice into the turkey just yet. Carve out a few MLS searches.
While spirits are still festive and before that tryptophan food-coma kicks-in,
keep your leads wide awake by creating a few quality MLS searches.


TO DO: Let your food digest. Deliver some holiday cheer.
Before you cut into the pies (let’s face it, one is never enough), get another helping of something free and sweet by referring a friend to PropertyMinder.


TO DO: The holidays don’t end here. Keep folks informed and entertained.
Create a Holiday custom page featuring, for example, recommendations or reviews of where to get the best pies, affordable Christmas tree lots, creative exterior home decorations and equipment, etc.


While you’re updating your Toolkit – why not creatively arrange contacts into specific groups for future e-mail campaigns tailored for certain demographics (example: clients with kids, athletes and sports fans (football season is here!), recipe collectors, movie buffs, Christmas tree farms, etc.)

Questions? Comments? Have any leftovers to share?

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones! Gobble gobble.

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