WHY a Neighborhood Alert?

Then WHY a Neighborhood Alert email?

  1. Because every homeowner wants and deserves to know how much their home is worth.
  2. It is easy for a homeowner to pull over, grab a listing flyer, call the listing agent off of the ‘For Sale’ sign, go to the open house without you, or Google the address of the listing and thus end up on Zillow or Realtor.com.
  3. Most people check their email first thing when they turn on their computer, giving YOU first dibs on providing them the answers they are looking to their real estate needs and questions.
  4. Once set up, Neighborhood Alerts continuously run for each client, giving you a break from having to think up new emails to send to your clients.
  5. If you are the reason the client asked themselves, “I wonder what our home is worth?” then make sure your phone is nearby and charged to field the inevitable increase in phone calls.

The Neighborhood Alert email will contain newly listed homes in their neighborhood and the selling price of any home that has sold in the neighborhood.

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