Xmas Eve Marketing Tips!


First off, Happy Holidays to you. We appreciate you and your support of the PropertyMinder Blog. We hope you will get plenty of rest, relaxation, and quality time with your loved ones. If you are working this week- tip of the hat to you. We are here to keep you motivated and excited about this holiday season’s real estate market and all the prosperity that is to come in the New Year. Best wishes!


Happy Holidays from PropertyMinder!



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Here are today’s juicy tips:

Tip 1: 

Have a plan with goals that starts January 1st:
If you don’t have a plan, you’re just moving aimlessly around and will be less productive.
Have a 1-year plan and promise yourself, “This year, I plan to…”
For example, “I will….
-Break $(X Amount) in sales volume
-Complete (X Amount) transactions
-Finish and launch my new marketing website
-Reach (X Amount) new clients before June
Whatever you decide to do- your goals need to be measurable. Don’t just say, “I want to do better than this year.”


Tip 2:

Life is too short to be miserable in your job. Find ways to enjoy it in the New Year or you won’t be successful (or happy). Stay positive.
You will not love every aspect of your job. That’s natural.
For example, following up with clients who do not communicate is very important, but it can be tedious. But, you have to find a way to make it better. So, for each area of your business (cold calling, door knocking, following-up, marketing, management, networking, etc.) find a system that you like and consistently use it. What are some ways you make daunting tasks “fun?” Let us know!


Tip 3: 

Something to keep in mind:
“Your activity on Google+ will strengthen Google’s perception of you (and your business) as authoritative in your field. In the same way, over time, your failure to be active on Google+ will damage your brand’s ranking on Google search results for people, as Google will perceive your competitors who are active on Google as being much more authoritative than you in your field.” This is cited from here.


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