“Your Neighborhood” Has Successfully Launched! A huge time saver

“Your Neighborhood”

…..Has Successfully Launched!


Now you can invite your clients to your website. Give them access to real estate activity in their neighborhood all while simultaneously capturing their home addresses.

“The slower summer months may be coming to an end soon but there is still time to develop a game plan for the balance of the year. Seize back your time from the jaws of the urgent by taking a good hard look at where that time is going. It’s the clearest way to ensure that you’re running your business and that your business isn’t running you instead.”

-Bret Calltharp

There are 2 main reasons your clients list with other agents:
1) It was more convenient to call another agent than look up an email they received from you 8 months ago.
2) They viewed the listing agent from the house down the street to be more of a real estate expert (than you) in their neighborhood.

– People are creatures of convenience and will always choose the path of least resistance.
– People want to work with an expert.

If the only time you e-mail your clients is when you decide to provide them with generic market information and/or to ask them for a referral, then don’t be surprised when they list their home with someone else.

Earn their business with up-to-date, local real estate information that keeps them informed, motivated, and secure in your database.

Check it out here: www.hometogreen.com/yourneighborhood

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