Your website: Make it useful and make them stay.

It’s an old story, but one that needs to be addressed. Focus on providing quality content by being useful to your leads. This does not mean you have to spend hours on blogging (even though a blog is a great idea). Start off by providing menus and pages on your website, that when opened, showcase a website that already exists. If your customers open up a new browser, tab, or starts Googling- you have done something wrong. Have you asked yourself, “How I am going to be useful to my leads and contacts? How can I help them?” If your website addresses their needs, then you will be seen as a caring human being- not just a real estate agent with a website. If you build your website around the idea that your leads are NOT just leads-that you want to be useful and helpful- you will go far.

You know your area. You know what your leads and clients want to know. You’re an expert in your area and in your profession. You know their needs. So show it. Not confident about your writing? That’s ok, write it down and then have someone else edit it. Or simply find a convenient real estate widget such as a mortgage calculator, and have it available on your site. Know great contractors or other servicemen? Put it on your site. They should never have to leave the little world you have created. So many agents lose leads and potential customers because their website does not provide an all encompassing, tailored, convenient experience.

Good content nurtures your future, present, and past leads and clients. People remember how they feel. If they feel that the experience was a good one, that they gained something from it; not only will they remember it, but they will come back (and refer you). A lot of times we over-think. “But, what do I put on this darn website? I can’t think of anything.” Write what you know. Make sure your unique voice shines through. Use your sense of humor, your wit, your personality. That is what gets people sharing, liking, and talking. We give you the tools to easily keep your clients on your website- reading, browsing, researching- and yet so many do not take advantage of them. What answers, resources, inspiration, and accessibility can you give them?


Ask yourself: What are my leads doing during the day? What keeps them up at night? What will catch their attention? What actions will they most likely take? How do I keep them engaged?

You are a specialist in your own right. Statistics about the real estate market in your community are juicy details for leads. Showcase the history and types of properties. Create bite-sized pieces of content- you don’t have to do it all at once and you do not have to write paragraphs, but unique pages and blog posts make a big difference in how long people stay on your site.

Create a page or a infographic (if you are more ambitious) with the top 5 neighborhoods in the market you specialize in. Cross promote this on your social networks. Not ready to do this just yet? Simply find a website, create a page, and have the website open up within your own. Show off local restaurant reviews, footage of festivals, and testimonials of happy homeowners living, working, and raising their children there. Sometimes pages and websites are created in such a way that it does not look like it is done by real estate professional. It looks like a one-stop source of information that at first glance looks like an incredibly informative place about a community. This is a type of strategy. Show that you are a local expert, so that you can generate sales and boost your search engine rankings.

A great quote about real estate websites:

“In fact, the saying that money is in the list is a big lie. It’s a lie from hell. The money is not in the list—it’s in the relationship.” -Daniel Adetunji


Represent yourself through your website. Your website is an extension of you and your business. Perhaps your leads and clients want to know great trails and parks for their kids. Parents like to read crime reports. Why would they have to Google for this info- when it should be right there? Maybe they need a guide that walks them through the buying process. Maybe they want to know how long it takes to walk to the closest schools. Yet, so many agents fail to do this. If you are not giving them access to the answers they seek- they will go elsewhere- whether it is to another website or different real estate agent. EVERYone gives leads a way to search for homes on their website, but what else can you do for your leads and clients? Juicy info, guides, and lists are also great lead generators. Your leads will provide their contact information to access these free reports. Use those lead capture forms to build your email list!

The two points we are trying to make here is that: 1. You should be creating or linking useful content so that all your leads’ and clients’ questions are answered and their curiosity is peaked and 2. All of your links and original content should be visible from your site- your leads should not navigate anywhere else. When you walk into WalMart or a Target- you don’t need to go anywhere else. Toothbrush? Check. Sweatshirt? Check. Bag of grapes? Check. But sometimes, we are there and we get things we don’t need- that funny pair of socks, those earrings, that CD or movie.  The designers of the stores are smart.

You too should offer something else to keep them browsing and smiling. Profile high-end luxury homes in your area. Reveal some interesting facts and include some amazing photos. Make a list of top ten fun things to do in your area. Make them stay on your website. Keep them reading and clicking for more. Your leads ARE out there and they are searching for the road to their new home. Become that road. Don’t lead leads fall by the wayside, because you are making others a priority. Build that pipeline. You should capture and cultivate these clients with a interesting, useful website. Focus on being useful.


This is what your website should be whispering to your contacts and leads:


What a about a blog or page for dog lovers? Is your area known for a specific outdoor activity? What about having a section, pages, or blog post for mountain bikers, golfers, wine lovers, of art enthusiasts? Remember- the longer they stay on your website, the better. They have more time to remember your name and how much your website benefited them and made great use of their time. You will pop into their minds for referrals. After all, they love their friends and family- and they want them to have the most conscientious, most caring real estate agent available. The point of a great website is that it is an integral part of a long-term strategy. Not everyone is ready to buy now, but you will be planting the seeds for the eventual, “I am ready to work with you” phone call.

Did you know some of this content- is already available, for free, within your PropertyMinder Toolkit? Yes, it’s right there for you to give to your visitors. We have written it for you. You just need to click to make it visible. Yet, so many people do not take advantage of this.


The city you do work in probably has its own website. There’s no reason to sit there and redo all of that work; it’s already been done! Just open that website within your own website. Again, the key is for them to view the information from inside your website, so they do not leave. If the website opens up in another browser, or you are simply adding it as a link that your leads can click on- you are risking that they will leave the cocoon, that is your website. One of our customers draws so much traffic to her website because she gets creative (and useful!). Her website is an all-in-one hub of useful info. There is an option to calculate your walking commute to nearby restaurants, schools, and coffee shops. The visitor can research schools by district. They can visit the city’s visitor’s bureau.  And they view ALL  from within the website. If you click on “Explore the County”- you can easily view details about libraries, hospitals, and transportation. It’s all so convenient and its all right there. Clever, right?

If a lead does not know what “escrow” means and they go Google it…you probably just lost them. They have either forgotten where they were or just moved on and kept doing what they were doing on the Internet. Either way – potential client lost. Give them me a Real Estate Terms dictionary or walk me through their first time buying a house or their first time selling a home. (By the way we already have a ready-made dictionary for you in your Toolkit). Look into city-specific real estate widgets. All of this demonstrates your value and keeps internet leads on your website. We want you think outside of the box, but at the same time we want you to make it easy on yourself. Provide what you already know. There is a wealth of information in your head- you juts need to write it down. Create how-to guides, Top 10 lists, write blog articles about the area, and the questions and concerns you hear about during your workday. This is also a way to show your personality. You are not a robot and neither are you customers. Show you personality and your sense of humor. People love this stuff- and they will remember YOUR website because of it.


As you provide more resources, your pages will be bookmarked. You will be used for MANY things, not just finding a home. Some of our most successful agents provide weather, job info, tourist, and sports information. They understand what their leads and clients are interested in and passionate about on a daily basis. Focus on your audience- on those you want to help. Be original and creative, and focus on being useful and helpful. Make sure they stay on your website- that pages,even if not created by you, open up in your site.

A few exclusive tips:

  • There’s a fairly decent Real Estate Terms Dictionary under “Resources” on the far left wall of your Toolkits. Just “Add New Link” directly to it! Consider making the free resources under “For Sellers,” “For Buyers, “Free Reports” accessible to your online visitors. Again, this is all written up for you already and it is free for you to provide on your website.
  • Add New Link (in the Website Editor Buttons) is how you can open other “Resource” websites within their own.
  • Check out some other useful widgets (Google “real estate widget”) for some. Rent-vs-Buy, Mortgage Calculators. These are all kinds of things you could titillate them with everyday.

Good luck!


Questions? Concerns? Let us know!


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  1. Michael says:

    It’s getting harder and harder to stay on top of keeping content fresh. I feel like its becoming a second job just updating the site. I wish I could have live feeds that automatically update on the site. Any suggestions?

  2. Wow, fantastic blog layout! How long have you been running a blog for? You make running a blog seem easy. The entire appearance of your website is fantastic, let alone the content material! Thanks for sharing and I will mark this to show up again. I am glad that I found your blog while doing a google search. Your exactly on the mark with the information you provided, Thanks again.

  3. PropertyMinder Inc. says:

    Hi Michael, Yes we can definitely help you with this- our MLS feeds automatically update on the AccelerAgent website. We would be happy to talk to you about our offerings and what they can do for your business.
    -Anna, PM’s Social Media Gal

  4. PropertyMinder Inc. says:

    You are welcome Duane!

  5. www says:

    Greetings! Very useful advice within this
    article! It is the little changes that will make the biggest changes.
    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  6. PropertyMinder Inc. says:

    You’re welcome! Thanks for visiting! -Anna, PM’s Social Media Gal @PropertyMinder

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